Monday, March 11, 2013

More New York

 What a day, Brianna, Rob, Kate, Chelsea, Todd, Jayden, Turner, Jordan, Brittany, and I all spent a lovely morning in the city. We all drove in together and rode the subway to what is called the High Line. It used to be a train track, however now it has been converted into a beautiful pedestrian walk way. It winds itself through the streets and buildings of Chelsea.

 Come to find, I had come across this walkway one day while working in the labs. I came across an article and some pictures about the High Line and vowed I would walk it someday.

After walking a few blocks, we found ourselves at Chelsea market and decided to take a look.

 It was a fun little market. Interesting people.

after the market, Rob, Brianna, Kate, and I went to go see the 911 memorial 

they did a beautiful job. 

 We wandered a bit around town, saw a few of my favorites including Tiffany's, giraffes, and...

 One of my best friends Christy Lee Heathcote! 

Even found a restaurant that has the same name my lovely friends call me. .  .

Later we indulged in the wonders of Shake Shack. . . burger fries and peanut butter shake and all

Taking one last look at the wonderful city, we made our way from times square down 5th ave. and back home to Scarsdale 

our last adventures gave us hot dogs with these cute boys, shopping, and a wonderful meatball sandwich before leaving for the airport.

I had such a wonderful time in New York this time around
It was so laid back, and I really felt like I was at home
No homework, no school, no worries

Just fun and family... and food

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New York!

 What a treat! For presidents day weekend Kate and I got to go to New York!!
                      Staying at Brianna and Rob's place was so much fun.
Since we took the redeye, we got there at six in the morning- thanks Brianna for picking us up!

This time in New York, I felt less like a trip and more like I was just living there

Of course we got many bagels.  .   .

It was Valentines day our first day there, so we got to baking up a real treat

We spent most of that day with Chelsea and her boys

Jayden and Turner are the cutest boys I've ever seen

We had so much fun playing, drawing, going to the park, laughing, and making a wonderful red and pink Valentines dinner

The next day, Brianna Kate and I took a lovely drive up to Hyde Park, FDR's house
We listened to music and played a nice game of "I'm going on a trip. . ."

 It was cool to experience what I had learned just barely in London, but from the American side. FDR was a part of the big three, and as such, King George and Churchill were frequent guests 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


- Best roommates ever.  .    .

Getting a roommate that is as awesome as Kate is like one in a million. . .

. .  .   . and getting a whole apartment that I Love is like winning the lottery

4 8 15 16 23 42

in all my asking for good roommates, I never would have dared to think I would get 
Jen, Sara, and Kate

What I will remember:

 #totesdefholla #Getitgirl #yes

"no you wouldn't"
"oodles and oodles of noodles"
"look at it"
"soft friends"
"guitar hero or ....."

Gwen Curtis
water bottles
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh
Dq and Sammy's

I will never forget these amazing girls
nor the best BYU semester I have ever had

(Kate was such a good sport for taking some roommate pictures even though she is not a fan)

891 forever

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I think this might become a new hobby of mine

I found another abandoned place this saturday. There is something so exciting and addictive about a broken down over grown buildings.

I was so surreal- it was dead quiet and I was the only person as far as the eye could see

Beyond the awesome half structures that were there
the lighting that morning was perfect
and the land itself was beautiful with all the muted colors and such

I just scratch the surface of possibilities at this place
I am definitely planning on going back. . . and finding a few more places